Kulturel musik

Findes der kulturelle elementer i filmen, som musikken skal hjælpe med til at skildre? Ved at bruge traditionelle musikformer og etniske instrumenter kan man føje et lag til historien: Indianske trommer, Arabiske danse, Kinesiske melodier.

Mexican marimba players in McGarvie’s Streets of Mexico in the Midway. The four players are identified in the Sept. 27, 1901 Buffalo Courier as brothers Henrique, Julius, Carlos and Adolphus Olivar. They are performing on three marimbas comprising high, middle, and low registers. Photographer: Unidentified. Source: The Rand-McNally Hand-Book to the Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Chicago and New York: Rand, McNally & Co., 1901. Courtesy of Kerry S. Grant.

Black Rain, rock/klassisk action med japansk melodik og instrumenter.